Wood Heaters & Wood Fires

Clean Burning, Ultra Efficient Fires

A cost effective and reliable source of heat for your home, our great range of wood heaters has the following benefits:

  • Wood fires are cheaper than using electricity to heat your home.
  • Fuel (in the form of logs or wood pellets) is widely available and easy to store
  • It’s carbon neutral. Unlike other fuels, burning wood generates no more carbon dioxide than if it was left to decompose naturally. It also means that your carbon footprint is minimised as you’re not using energy generated by burning fossil fuels to heat your home.
  • Wood is a renewable energy source, therefore making it a sound environmental choice.
  • Coziness & atmosphere: unlike other forms of electrical heating, a wood fire can serve as a focal point for your living space and encourage friends and family to share quality time while gathering around the fire.
  • Reliability: as an independent heat source, wood heaters can be operated even in the event of power outages.

Reliable and efficient, a good wood heating system can be designed to heat a specific room or your entire home. Whatever your heating requirements, we have a range of excellent products available that can help keep you warm while adding a touch of coziness and charm.


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