Wood Pellets

We now sell Wood Pellets which Fuel Pellet Heaters.

Our Red Hot Wood Pellet Range

Red Hot wood pellets are available in two varieties:

  • 100% Hardwood

  • Hardwood/Softwood mix

Red Hot Pellets are packaged in convenient 15Kg bags and can be bought in bulk (see below). Red Hot pellets are made using 100% Australian wood, that would otherwise have been destined for landfill or incineration. Red Hot hardwood pellets have a bulk density of around 760kg/m³.



We sell Heatmate Pellets for $15.00 per 15kg Bag or $990 per Tonne (66bags)

We also sell Red Hot Wood Pellets for $17.60 per 15kg Bag  or $1056 per Tonne (66bags)

HEATMATE produce high-quality pellets derived from wood waste sources. The pellets are a blend of softwoods & hardwoods.

Pellets offer an environmentally friendly alternative to heating with all the benefits of wood heating without the hassle and mess of cutting, carting and storing wood.

Pellet heating is a cost-effective alternative to gas, electricity and firewood with minimal CO2 emissions and a high calorific burn.

*Please note - Limited stock is kept at our showroom, for stock quantities please call us on 1300 210 300 or email at info@climatise.com.au

Wood Pellet Efficiency

RedHot Wood Pellets have a moisture content between 9-10%. This means that the pellets burn hot, with virtually no smoke and a very low ash content. Due to this, pellets are much more efficient than firewood as they have less moisture to burn off before heat is produced.

To put this in context - if you burn 3 Tonnes of seasoned firewood in a combustion heater with a 60% efficiency rating. To get the same heat output from a pellet heater, you will burn just 1481kg of pellets in a heater with a 90% efficiency rating.   

Why? Because pellets start giving you heat pretty much straight away. There is no water that needs to be boiled off first like there is in firewood. 

Benefits of Wood Pellets1122

- Lower emissions compared to firewood

- Good for the environment as they're made from recycled biomass

- Convenient 15kg bags that are easy to carry and store

- No chopping firewood

- No stoking

- No splinters, spiders or snakes

- Minimum to no smoke

- Low ash

- An asthma-friendly alternative to wood heating


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